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Things that stood out this year.

Most Adopted Feature

Awarded to the feature with the largest year-over-year ”have used” progression.
Nullish Coalescing
With a +21.8% progression in 2021, the nullish coalescing operator (??) has quickly become an integral part of JavaScript.

Runner Ups

2. Optional Chaining: +19%
3. Private Fields: +9.5%

Most Adopted Technology

Awarded to the technology with the largest year-over-year “would use again” progression.
esbuild is barely two years old, but with a +20.1% progression over the last year it's already gaining ground.

Runner Ups

2. tsc CLI: +17.3%
3. Testing Library: +8.3%

Highest Retention

Awarded to the technology with the highest percentage of returning users.
Vite takes the top spot with a sky-high 97.4% retention ratio!

Runner Ups

2. Testing Library: 96.3%
3. esbuild: 96.2%

Highest Interest

Awarded to the technology developers are most interested in learning once they are aware of it.
With a 83% interest ratio, Vite once again wins the gold!

Runner Ups

2. Vitest: 81.8%
3. esbuild: 80.4%

Most Write-Ins

Awarded to the item with the most write-in answers
Many questions also accepted write-in answers, and with 124 mentions Elm was the most popular item overall.

Runner Ups

2. Stencil: 104
3. Platzi: 100